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Preventive Maintenance

For a roof system's best chance at a long and useful life, preventive maintenance inspections and timely repairs can mean years of additional service and overall capital savings.

Capital Planning

Attempting to budget for maintenance? Establishing priorities for capital expenditures? Looking for a pre-purchase opinion?
An IRCA roof condition evaluation can meet your needs. It is a visual inspection of in-place materials, surfacing, flashings, and sheet metal. Edges, parapets, mechanical penetrations, drainage, associated masonry, and curtainwalls are examined. Leaks are investigated. Historical data is recorded. All of this information is organized and compiled into a comprehensive report.

Roof Evaluation Report

Key elements in every report are:

  • Identification of roofing components

  • Quantification of roofing and insulation

  • Physical condition of components

  • Analysis of factors influencing roof life

  • Consultant's recommendations

  • Budget projections for up to five years

  • Roof condition photographs and key

  • Roof sketch

Practices and Procedures

Though data gathering is very important, understanding what the data means is essential. Before monies are allocated and a roofer is called, it is wise to determine exactly why a roof may be failing. Perhaps it is as simple as old age, defective materials, or poor installation. The situation may, however, be more complex. Is there a contributing structural factor or a dew point calculation which should be considered? Has the building's use changed or are environmental conditions accelerating deterioration? Before the "what" to do question is answered, attributes relating to successful roof performance may need to be found. This is just one way in which IRCA services can help improve your roof's performance.

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