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Quality Compliance Inspections

  • Contract Enforcement

  • Field Condition Evaluations

  • Progress Reports

  • Specification Compliance

  • Representation of Owner Interests

  • Site Coordination

Technical services from IRCA continue into the Installation Phase of roof repair or replacement projects. While each Phase's work is important, proper installation is critical. Appropriate specifications and competitively bid prices are worthless if the roofing is applied poorly. Leaders in the roofing and design fields, as well as the insurance industry, are convinced of the value of full time monitoring by qualified personnel.

We provide trained and experienced Quality Compliance Inspectors to protect our clients' best interest. Inspectors have five principal functions:

  1. The inspector ensures that the quality and quantity of materials and installation are as agreed in the contract.

  2. The inspector provides a link for daily communications between the owner, the contractor, the building occupant and the project manager.

  3. The on-site inspector examines and records conditions and incidents that affect the conduct of the project.

  4. His observations and experience assist the owner and the project manager to evaluate the progress of the job.

  5. The inspector's daily logs and photographs are compiled and edited to provide a final document which attests to both general and specific work which took place on the site.

Most importantly, by utilizing IRCA during design, bidding and construction phases, an owner's operations personnel can concentrate on their specialty, managing the business.

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