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Project Manuals

  • Roof Replacement Specifications / Repair Scope of Work

  • Bidders Listing and Bid Coordination

  • Contract Administration

Roof repair and replacement projects have four basic phases: Study, Design, Bidding, and Installation. To assure our clients that an appropriate and cost effective roof system is purchased and that the roofing is correctly applied on the building, we offer comprehensive roofing project administration services.

Starting a project on a solid base requires studying the existing situation and determining what factors -- environment, dynamic stresses, and/or application defect -- have led to the failure of the roofing. Once determined, this information combined with review of building drawings enable us to designate roofing which will provide long service at the best possible life cycle cost and to prepare details that address characteristics which are unique to the structure. The project manual contains these systemic specifications along with site-use and administrative requirements. Complete documents eliminate misunderstandings which lead to cost overruns.

Often, well designed specifications are not enough to ensure competitive bidding. Many contractors will submit unsolicited proposals suggesting types of roofing that appeal more to them or their profit margins. This is understandable, but it complicates selection and award. We advocate the bidding process. Each roofer prepares a price to build an agreed final product. During this Bidding Phase, IRCA services include: soliciting prospective bidders, prequalifying contractors, conducting a pre-bid meeting, coordinating bidding, verifying bids, and assisting the owner to execute the roofing contract.

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